Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6, 2009

Just wanted to update everyone on the schedule for the family reunion. Gina volunteered to be in charge of the Saturday activities, so if you have any suggestions etc. please contact her and let her know. I'm sure she would love any suggestions or help in pulling things together so please offer your help and/or suggestions as soon as possible. If you don't volunteer anything you will have forfeited your rights to complain or criticize and you will probably get an assignment that you may or may not like. Saturday night is the 4th of July and I assume most people will want to see the fireworks. There are several places to see them and I will check into them all and decide what works best. I think there is a display there in Trinidad, but with money tight I'm not sure what will happen. Last year the big Eureka one almost got cancelled, but was funded by a doner at the last minute. It was also pretty foggy last year and you couldn't see as well. That's the chances you take living or vacationing on the coast. Big Mike has also volunteered to put together a display of all the blessing gowns and shawls that Nanny has made for everyone, so he will be contacting you about that, but in conjunction with that (which we will do on Sunday) I would like to do an activity centered around geneology for Sunday. If anyone would like to volunteer to head that up I would really appreciate it. If you have any other suggestions for Sunday activities let me know. Please let me know right away if there are any problems with the cabin, RV, or tent assignments. I will be giving the people at Emerald Forest your name so that they will know who will be checking in to what cabin or site. I hope everyone is getting excited for the big event!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Here are the food and evening activity assignments for each family (family means each sibling and includes their own children and grandchildren):

Friday Night Dinner: Craig & Tonya
Saturday Breakfast: Sherrie
Saturday Night Dinner: Kim & Mike
Sunday Dinner: Cheryl & Cindy
Monday Breakfast: Terrie

Friday Night Activities: Kim & Cheryl
Saturday Night Activities: Sherrie
Sunday Night Activities: Craig & Terrie

We are asking that each family contribute $50 for paper products, drinks and food that will be provided for meals not assigned to families and other activity expenses. (That is $50 total for each sibling family, not each individual family.) Please send a check to Sherrie by May 1.

We are estimating approx. 50 adults (anyone over 12 yrs) and 30 children. If you have any questions about the assignments please let Sherrie know.

We are still looking for ideas for activities!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tentative Schedule

We are in the process of trying to figure out a schedule for the Family Reunion. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged, so please post your comments so we can get an idea of what activities and/or programs you want included in our family reunion weekend. Below is a "rough" outline of the weekend - it is not set in stone, it is up for discussion/changes/etc:


Afternoon Check-In, Everyone Gets Settled
Family Dinner Together
Family Evening Activity (?Suggestions?)


Family Breakfast Together
Group Activities (?Suggestions?)
Lunch on your own
Group or Individual Activities (?Suggestions?)
Free Time (??)
Family Dinner Together
Family Activity (Fireworks, Campfire?)


Family Breakfast Together (Fast Sunday)
Church - 11:00 am
Family Early Dinner Together
Family Activity (?Suggestions?)
Snack on your own


Family Breakfast Together

We welcome all feedback, comments, suggestions, etc.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Accommodation Assignments

The following accommodation assignments have been made based on what each family requested. Everyone is welcome to negotiate changes with each other if desired. If you need to cancel or change your accommodations, you will need to let Sherrie know by MONDAY, JANUARY 19 so you don't incur any fees. There are still camp sites, RV sites and cabins available but they fill up fast. If you cancel after this week, there would be a $10 cancellation fee up until 2 weeks in advance. If cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance, you would be charged one nights rental. Please note that all accommodations are reserved for 3 nights - Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Check in will be Friday, July 3 and checkout will be Monday, July 6.

Craig's Family - Cabin L ($160 per day), RV Site F90 ($42 per day)
Sherrie's Family - Tent T57 and T60 ($30 per day includes 2 people & kids under 7, $3 each additional person - 6 people max)
Kim's Family - Cabin C ($275 per day), Tent T62 ($30 per day includes 2 people & kids under 7, $3 each additional person - 6 people max)
Cheryl's Family - Cabin E ($170 per day), Tent T63 ($30 per day includes 2 people & kids under 7, $3 each additional person - 6 people max)
Terrie's Family - Cabin D ($190 per day)
Cindy's Family - Cabin J ($175 per day)
Tonya's Family - RV Site F88 ($42 per day), Tent T61 ($30 per day includes 2 people & kids under 7, $3 each additional person - 6 people max)
Mike's Family - Cabin 25 ($140 per day)

Tent Site - Example
RV Site - Example
Cabin - Example
Cabin Living Area / Kitchenette - Example Only, Varies per Cabin
Queen Bed & Living Area - Example Only, Varies per Cabin

Dining Area & Deck - Example Only, Varies by Cabin

More Info On Emerald Forest

We now have confirmed reservations for cabins, camp sites and RV sites at Emerald Forest for everyone based on what you requested. The assigned accommodations will follow, but the information above will give you an overview of the rules and regulations, the rates (rates posted are from Fall 2008, the Summer 2009 rate will be posted next to your assigned accommodations ), and a map of all sites. You can double click on each picture to increase the size. Please note that you will need to provide a credit card upon check-in, and each family will be responsible for payment of their assigned accommodations. If you have any questions, please talk to Sherrie.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Have A Location!

We are excited to announce that our 2009 Lowe Family Reunion will be held at the "Emerald Forest" in Trinidad, CA. We'll be surrounded by beautiful redwoods, and it's just across the road from the beach! You will be receiving your assigned cabin number, camping site number, or RV site number soon based on what accommodations you have requested. Check back frequently for updates and new information!